Monday, June 17, 2013

A Twist of Innocence -- Truth or Lies.

A Twist of Innocence - Researched and Authored by Nikki Rosen

The story has taken on so many twists and turns. It began with one elderly man telling me his version of what happened. His story was sketchy. He remembered few details. He said he was charged with a crime as a child that he was innocent of.

Fascinated by the story I set out to find the details. Incredibly I found the baby in the story and the boy who helped rescue her.

They told me the shocking truth of how four young boys snatched a toddler from her backyard, beat her, attempted to rape her and then hung her in a shed and left her to die. The four bragged about what they had done. Someone overheard them and told police. The boys were charged and ultimately sentenced. Three of them were brothers who already had a history of committing crimes that were serious enough to be heard and dealt with by Juvenile Court.

This story is about lies and deception and using faith as a means to promote and profit from a heinous crime. The title will be changed from A Twist of Innocence to Twisted Innocence.

Can young children commit horrific crimes? Unfortunately, they can.

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Launna said...

Nikki... this is awful... I often wonder what goes on in the minds of anyone who commits such hienious (sp) acts:'(

I guess I'll never understand because I don't think that way... nor do I want too :-(