Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Book Won Award

Last week, my book, In the Eye of Deception, won the TWG National Book Award for Life Stories and was given an honorable mention in The Grace Irwin Award, their highest award.

Some reviews:

"Your book came at supper-time last night, and I finished it at midnight. I marvelled at the writing - the English, the choice of words, the flow, the chapter divisions, the sequence arrangement andbthe authority graciously claimed." Reader's Comment

It took only 2 days to read your book. Your writing is phenomenal btw - what an easy to follow read. Images came straight away to me. Reader's Comment

..as I read your book my heart started aching...I wanted to wrap  that hurting little girl in my arms and love all the pain away...after a while...my heart began to ache for another reason...old hidden wounds of my own wounded past began to surface and I KNEW that I would have to deal with them...
I had come such a long way (I thought) I had written books about the healing of a soul...but reading throught the section covering the times with your counselor I felt I was there and she was gently leading 'ME' out of a dark hole into the light. I didn't want to see the truth...I wanted to stay in denial that all was well with my world...but I can't...and I won't. Your book will touch many lives my ...I know...it has turned my world upsidedown. Reader's Comment