Friday, December 18, 2009

Winner of Book Giveaway

"We read to know we are not alone." C.S. Lewis

I've been blown away by all the people interested in wanting to win a copy of my book. I wish I could send everyone one. My daughter wrote down the names of everyone who commented on the three blogs and then pulled out the name of the winner. 

Jane of the Jungle won the copy. I'll pop it in the mail today. Way to go. 

And for anyone is interested in purchasing a copy of the book, I've posted some excerpts of reviews: 

1....Her story is compelling simply because she should not be where she is now: she should not be alive, she should not be whole, and she should not be thriving in society. But she is! As I journeyed through her story, I became aware of a burning passion at work. It is a story of the loving Creator wooing a lost soul. 

I cried as I read of her traumas. I rejoiced as I read of both the miraculous deliverance and the painstaking recovery. And I will continue to celebrate as society’s lost are found through her words and ministry. Anyone who reads this story will have no doubt that God’s love conquers all and trumps even mankind’s best efforts.
- Donna Dawson, author of The Adam and Eve Project, Redeemed, and the double award winning novel, Vengeance
2.....I began reading her blog and could gather by her postings that she had endured very painful events in her life.I did not understand the full magnitude of the pain and suffering she endured until I read her life story, In The Eye of Deception. In The Eye of Deception is a powerful book about enduring, surviving and overcoming .... It is a powerful story of redemption....a powerful story of how God can turn what is meant to destroy us into something which uplifts us and glorifies HIM. I give In The Eye of Deception 5 out of 5 stars. The book is awesome. The book is fantastic. The book will indeed set you free.

 3. As a Child and Youth Worker, it amazes me that she is still alive after what she lived through. Many youth and adults have far fewer problems yet give up because life seems just too difficult. If anyone had a reason to give up, she did, yet God perserved her life and gave her a desire to bring hope and healing to others. May this book change your life as knowing her has changed mine. 
Debbie Thorkildsen: CYW 

Monday, December 14, 2009

Book Give Away

I've posted the information on my other blog about the book and book give away information. Please go there to add your name. Everyone who has left a comment here will also be added. thanks.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Book Now Available

My book is now available. I have set up a website @ for anyone interested in purchasing the book. 

I never meant this to turn into a book. I never wanted anyone to know the horrible things that happened. I started writing to get the images out of my head and as I did, some people came alongside me, encouraging me to tell my story. 

It's my prayer that whoever reads In the Eye of Deception, will find hope and freedom for whatever situation they are in. 

Healing and recovery is a process, a long process. There were times I dared Him to kill me. Instead, He waited until I was ready. I am so grateful He let me live. Now I owe Him. I need to tell, to tell what only He was able to do in my life.