Friday, December 4, 2009

Book Now Available

My book is now available. I have set up a website @ for anyone interested in purchasing the book. 

I never meant this to turn into a book. I never wanted anyone to know the horrible things that happened. I started writing to get the images out of my head and as I did, some people came alongside me, encouraging me to tell my story. 

It's my prayer that whoever reads In the Eye of Deception, will find hope and freedom for whatever situation they are in. 

Healing and recovery is a process, a long process. There were times I dared Him to kill me. Instead, He waited until I was ready. I am so grateful He let me live. Now I owe Him. I need to tell, to tell what only He was able to do in my life.


Andrea said...


Andrea said...

You have an award on arise 2 write.

Anna Renee said...

God bless you for writing your story and being strong enough to tell it! I was watching Oprah yesterday and listening to Mackenzie Phillips tell her story of abuse. It's so important to tell the story, but only when you are ABLE as He strengthens you. You already are a blessing to many!

Denise said...

So very proud of how far you have come, you bless me dear one.

Parsley said...

Good luck in your venture.

Anonymous said... are a miracle. I'm struggling so right now and am trying to get to where you are. I don't think my abuse was anywhere near what yours was...and still I struggle. Thank you for your writing. You are an inspiriation.

Edie said...

First, congratulations on writing the book. I am sure God will use it to bring glory to himself and heal many.

I would love to enter. Thank you so much for offering this. I have a friend who could REALLY use it now.

lisasmith said...

Amazing! Amen! Thanks for your courage to write, to tell, to break the power of the secrets. God will surely use you powerfully for His glory!

I popped over from Andrea's to enter the giveaway :) so nice to meet you. Blessings!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Looking forward to reading your book. I admire you for being able to endure the pain it took to write it.
Would love to be entered in your contest too.
I found your thru Andrea arise 2write

Warren Baldwin said...

I also linked over from Andrea's. Sounds like a great book. There is no way of telling how many people you will help by telling your story.