Monday, December 22, 2008

Telling the Truth

No one's denial of the truth can ever invalidate it. I never told what happened. Today I will tell. I'm stronger. I need to tell.

I owe it to God - to God who freed me when nothing else could.

I am finding the courage to tell. Even today some people deny the holocust ever took place - But it did.

I am finding the courage to tell what happened despite those who were involved, who watched and knew or who may have taken part in the harm that occured and who refuse to admit it - in order to protect themselves.

The worse thing a human being can do is watch someone inflict injury and harm on another and turn away and do nothing.

I will live my life as an advocate for those victims who cannot speak up for themselves.


Epiphany said...

"No one's denial of the truth can ever invalidate it."


Andrea said...


Thank you for stopping by my blog.
Blessings, andrea

agnitrisha said...

dear sarah,
you are a brave lady.
god bless you,

J&J said...

Your greatest friend in life....will tell you the most truth!

Barbara said...

I think the worse thing an adult can do is abuse animals and innocent children.